Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Drug Court

I heard an interesting statistic today on my dog walking session.  In the wake of the unfathomable crime against that young girl we can be sure that the Legislature, City Councils and County Commissions will all rush towards unenforceable new laws.  Why not use some current capabilities?

Like the Drug Court.  In the Bernalillo County Judicial District there is a Drug Court.  Guess how many families are in that court?  Two.  Just two, or so I am told by someone who is familiar with the Court.   And why isn't Susana Martinez's Children, Youth and Families Department making any referrals to this court?

Can anyone in the media track down our hapless Governor and ask her?


Anonymous said...

Maybe because her focus isn't to reduce the drug business, but rather facilitate it's flow. Coming from strategic Las Cruces area as a prosecutor she has experience and must've showed the right stuff to become governor. No reduction of drug or gang crime has happened on her watch. She shamelessly closed a youth treatment facility-how many has she supported? NM ranks bottom of everything decent.Shame.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you sentiments about drug courts in general. The family reunification drug court is run by the juvenile court on second street for parents accused of civil abuse and neglect of their children. Its in its infancy. Bernalillo county does have two mature drug courts (one in metro and one in district court) that graduate dozens of people every month and generally do great work. The credit belongs to the courts themselves for these great programs, specifically the chief judges and the institutional support for the programs from our supreme court. Their is also a veterans court in district and a mental health and homeless court in metro that incorporate aspects of drug courts in their programs. Also, great programs.