Wednesday, August 03, 2016


GOP Land Commissioner wants our Congressional delegation to introduce a bill that  would try and get the federal government's publicly owned mineral rights under private land given to the state land office.  It would never happen, but it is one of those right wing fantasy dreams that is bandied about by the dying fossil fuel industry.

But aside from that.  Think for a moment what that would mean in New Mexico and specifically Albuquerque.  There are a lot of those mineral rights scattered around our metropolitan area, as in other developed urban areas.  Now think of the joy that you will have as a massive drilling rig shows up near your home, like around San Mateo and Central for instance.  Does that sound like a reasonable thing to you?  And of course our fundamentalist Dunn says  he wants to do this to increase dollars for education, which I assume means he will gladly lease the acreage under thousands of homes and businesses. And if you were really unlucky think of a compressor station and tank farm in your back yard.

Only a crackpot could figure this one up. Kind of on a level of Trump in attempting to get free p.r.

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