Monday, August 08, 2016


I don't like some of the things that PNM tries to do in its rate hearings.  But one thing I do admire them for is providing service with very little interruption.  Last night's power disruption due to a lightening strike has some folks apoplectic.  All I can say is that  they should be happy they don't live back east where power disruptions are routine and sometime disastrous.  When we lived in Virginia you could count on a power outage every four of five days.  Most were less than an hour, many were much longer and some times harmful.

My golfing group at the Albuquerque Country Club is made up of conservatives to liberals.  There is about a dozen of us that meet for Tuesday and Friday 10am Tee Times.  Of course, we never talk about politics.  Right?  But I have to say that we are all starting to agree on a few things.  Like raising the gasoline tax as a way of fixing our infrastructure.  Say 7 cents a gallon for three years running.  It would be reasonable.  Also, I don't see any of the republican members going out of their way to say anything positive about Trump.  But, these are educated old time GOP members.  One of them who originally said he would vote for Trump now says he won't vote in the presidential race.  I believe him. He was a combat veteran in Viet Nam.

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