Friday, August 12, 2016

While the Governor is in Texas


Anonymous said...

That says it all. Does anyone else really wonder why out-of-state corporations don't relocate to The Land of Enchantment? Right there is one major reason why they don't.

New Mexican said...

Having lived in both New Mexico and Minnesota and had children in schools in both states I do not see that much difference in the quality of life for children. Both of my children enjoyed their childhoods in New Mexico. They were ages 0 - 12 when we lived here and 12 - 18 when in Minnesota. I never heard them complain about life in Minnesota either. My wife and I saw no real difference in the quality of life at either location.

Sometimes these polls are not that good. If this is what some folks use to make decisions, they are missing out on a lot of things.

Bubba Muntzer said...

New Mexican may have a point, but the governor is still in Texas, making the case for herself while New Mexico is left to wonder what the survey means and to deal with its public relations fallout.

That Casey survey, if you bother to look at it, tells things like that 36 percent of New Mexican children are in homes where the parents "lack secure employment." What does that mean? Are those parents deadbeats, are they victims of a deteriorating economy, do they have a lifestyle and money making abilities that don't require them to have regular employment, things that might even be beneficial to kids?

Who knows? Does the governor? Does she care? Does she care to find out? Does anyone? Is it enough to just say "New Mexico True" and have a cookout? Have some pizza and a beer and try and hit that pickup in the parking lot with the empty can?

New Mexico has a certain history and culture, and as New Mexican points out there are things to consider besides what's in those surveys. The question in my mind is, does it matter if New Mexicans are aware of any of that? If they aren't, what of it?

Perhaps there's a need a think about and defend New Mexico differently, but then if we did, maybe we wouldn't be New Mexico.

I hope that helps.