Wednesday, October 19, 2016


The Albuquerque Journal's right wing editor and owners are so left behind.  What are they to do in this election year when they may be one of the only daily publications in large cities to have not endorsed in the Presidential election?  The early vote is underway and many have voted.  Could it be the Journal is so befuddled that they can't make up their minds on what to do about Trump and Hillary?  Do they think they have no influence at all anymore by not stating their preference after weeks of voting have passed by?

Last night at a charity fundraiser one of the people sitting with us stated that he doesn't read the Journal any longer.  Not because of its political stands, but because of the poor editing and writing that just seems to be a common occurrence.  I am sure they are not as bad as my editing and writing, but I don't do this for a living.

My bet is that they might not endorse, or that they might do a throw away on our former stoner Governor Johnson.  But, anything is possible at the sociopathic editors suite.

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Anonymous said...

I am not getting the Journal anymore due to the fact that all it is, is advertisements and for sale stuff. It is on too thin of paper and the print is a lot smaller making it hard to read.