Thursday, October 27, 2016

Black Star

Put another black star next to Susana Martinez's name.  We have now learned that New Mexico's school kids have a lower than basic score in science proficiency.  While I am pretty sure that there may be a lot of factors that got us here, nonetheless it seems like something could be emanating from the Governor's office besides right wing TV Commercials against Democrats.

Please, don't forget this Land of Enchantment is home for two national science and research labs.  Wouldn't it be great if we were turning out a lot of kids who could compete for those jobs?  Of course it would, but there are all those subsidies and tax breaks for Susana's right wing corporate cronies  to take care of first.

I am certain now that  history will treat  this two term Governor as the disaster that she is.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

Whatever happened to Hanna Skandera and privatization? We have charter schools coming out our ears now and it hasn't helped?

By the way, remember that video you posted, America's Most Heavily Armed Church, about the big church on Los Volcanes Road where all the men pack heat and they conduct drills for when the terrorists come? That's a charter school now. I don't know where the gun toting Christians went.

But like you say, there are multiple causes behind this. But the diversion of funds and focus to charter schools, which haven't even improved those standardized test scores despite the fact that they don't take special needs and problem kids, is indicative of what's at the heart of the problem in that they are essentially a way to lessen the tax burden on the rich and transfer the entire cost of education to the working class. Just like increased college tuition is, while taxes were lowered for the rich and corporations. Democrats have also become a mechanism for the transfer of wealth upward. Same thing. There's more wealth in the country than ever before but working people are being told by both parties that they must settle for less, in education, wages, benefits, everything. It's a scam. We've got to figure out how to get better politicians to run and elect them and stop letting them scare us with the mention of scary words like Republicans and Donald Trump.