Monday, October 17, 2016


One can only assume the GOP in New Mexico is bereft of any intellectual ammunition.  The fact they would send out a mailer telling party members they will be put on a watch list if they stay home from the polls is just plain stupid.  How could this mailer ever have come to be mailed?  Is everyone in the GOP office so ignorant that they thought  this was a good thing?  A high school Sophomore civics class could have told them otherwise.  This belongs in Ripley's Believe it or Not!

Maybe this is the mercy killing of the party that has been needed in New Mexico so that the remnants might rise like the Phoenix from it's ashes into a thoughtful conservative presence.


Bubba Muntzer said...

There's an interesting theory I just saw today that things like this, and Trump, and the so called "alt right" that's risen up of white supremacists, basically, will cause people to flee the Republican Party and join the Democrats, thereby making both parties more conservative and shifting the center yet further to the right.

It would probably be better to, as you say, have a more moderate Republican Party, which would not only provide for a better public debate, but I'd add might attract some of these fiscally conservative Democrats who actually are Republicans who are just liberal on gay marriage and abortion, like Michelle Grisham, Martin Heinrich and most of today's elected Democrats. They then could ameliorate the extremes of that party and leave the Democratic Party to be the voice of working people, or the 99 percent if you will, as it should be. Both parties would end up more liberal in this case.

By the way, if anyone finds my characterization of today's Democrats hard to believe, did you know that the federal budget has gone down every year of the Obama Administration? Or that most of the cuts have come from social programs and other programs that benefit the 99 percent? Our NM Democrats up there make fine sounding statements about preserving social security but have voted to cut it, and cut federal pensions and Head Start and many things. They are not working on your behalf. They are about to pass a huge giveaway to corporations that have been stashing their profits offshore to avoid taxes on it and let that money be taxed at 5 percent permanently, which will cause even more corporate profits to be shuffled off into foreign bank accounts to take advantage. Hillary is pushing this to fund her infrastructure program. We get a few bucks for selling the whole farm.

Anonymous said...

As a registered Independent, all I can say now about the Republican Party is this:

How in the Hell did the Republicans go (In my lifetime) from Dwight D. Eisenhower to Donald J. Trump?

Anonymous said...

President Hillary the fuck did this happen....?

Jim Baca said...

they got it by letting psychopaths take over the republican party

Anonymous said...

No Jaime, it's WE got it.