Tuesday, November 29, 2016


This link will help you understand trump.


Anonymous said...

Read the article on "narcissistic personality disorder" a couple of times and found it very interesting. It must be very contagious because Trump came to New Mexico only twice and Governor Martinez, Mayor Berry and our Congressional delegation of Udall, Heinrich, Grisham-Lujan and Pierce all seem to be suffering from it to some degree or another with Ben Ray Lujan having some sort of immunity to it.

Bubba Muntzer said...

For anyone depressed about having a psycho for president this might help. So Trump will loot the treasury. What did the Democrats do but give billions to the banks and let us unimportant folk be foreclosed on by the millions? What's are they doing conducting five unnecessary wars except shipping the contents of the treasury by the dump truck load to the sellers of cluster bombs and billion dollar airplanes and the private contractors who do most of our warmongering now for profit.

To keep the campaign money flowing and keep their nice jobs with fully paid healthcare Obama and the Democrats just spent eight years saying nothing, let alone doing anything about the massive amounts of wealth being transferred upward every day so that wealth and income inequality are at record levels, worse than the 1920s Gilded Age, a situation real Democrats addressed with New Deal legislation unlike these "New Democrats" like Hillary who get rich giving speeches to the same banker thieves.

And who promised to escalate the wars. Said so on her web site. Under whom the whole system would speed along full blast with money leaving the treasury by the boatload. Trump is one person, an outsider. What about the people who were going to be dead but won't be? It might suck having a self centered wacko but we'll have one who doesn't believe in spending multi billions killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people instead of one who sees that kind of behavior as normal. Talk about sick.

Our discomfort over having someone with narcissistic personality disorder is mainly due to our own self centeredness, our own narcissism, because of which we totally ignored the rest of the world all through the election and never considered all those Middle Easterners who’d be minding their own business until suddenly Hillary started having them slaughtered. Be glad you won't have their blood on your hands. Our own narcissism which led us to not even think about the people in this country who’ve lost jobs that no longer exist and are ripe for a demagogue, to offer those people nothing. Not any alternative whatsoever to ‘Well the immigrant took your job.’

If you want to worry, worry about why the Democrats don’t do anything for working people any more or why we're one state away from Republicans having a supermajority of states under their control, which, if that happens and it's pretty likely, they can amend the Constitution and make it say whatever they want it to. Instead of being preoccupied with Trump get with some people who are trying to change things, support them, and it's not the Democrats. We've had them the whole time. They helped get us here. It's people looking for solutions outside the political system. That's only designed to maintain the status quo and that ain’t that hot these days for a lot of your fellow Americans.