Thursday, March 16, 2017

Going Postal

Hissy Fit.  Losing it. Going postal. Schizo time.  Meltdown. Break Down.

Let me describe the ways our internalizing Governor Susana Martinez is acting these days.  Her flurry of vetoes of widely supported bills that would be good for New Mexico have ended up in the shredder for some bizarre reason.  She won't say why she is killing these bills.  She feels disrespected obviously, and will take it out on everyone in the state.  Yes, she really has lost it and one can only surmise she needs some downtime in the care of a good Doc.  Seriously.  Or possibly some time with an addiction counsellor for what ever is ailing her.  (Remember that Pizza Party?)

This is not good for the Land of Enchantment.  The Democratic and Republican leaders in both the House and Senate need to get upstairs to the fourth floor soon and dispense a little practical advice to this twisted Governor.  And I do mean soon.


Anonymous said...

Maybe having been a prosecutor in Las Cruces included "cooperating" with Cartels? Keep NM desperate and drug-controlled;keep that & flowing....

Anonymous said...

Jim, maybe Susie wants to send all the vetoed project monies to her pal DICK Berry so she and Jay can ride in the unfunded middle of the damn street ART busses!!! I said it in the beginning that ART was a bad idea and now Agent Orange thinks so too.