Sunday, March 05, 2017


The legislature wants to ban open carry of assault rifles in the capitol because it makes people uncomfortable.  Meanwhile, these guys with mommy problems can still carry them into your grocery store and stroll along side your toddlers.  And of course the paranoids who need to carry concealed weapons can still go anywhere.  All of this will eventually end badly.  Madness in America.

The Journal did a great story on the huge number of higher education institutions in New Mexico this morning.  It showed a graph demonstrating the loss of tuition paying students since Governor Susana took office in 2010.  But she got off with no criticism.  She of course sees no value in increasing revenues to higher ed because it might hurt her corporate sponsors tax cuts.  I sure want to see a compilation of economic indicators on graphs when she leaves office.  It will solidify her as the most failed Governor ever.

President trump tweets conspiracy theories at 3am in the morning.  Even I don't do that!  When will proceedings start to remove him as  unfit.  Even a religious fanatic like Pence can be advised if he were elevated to the Presidency.  Can't you imagine what trump's family and staff must think every time they see one of these tweets appear?  Can't wait to read the book that will come out on the first 100 days, if it lasts that long.

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