Thursday, March 09, 2017

Ho Hemp....Ho Hum

Despite overwhelming bipartisan support Governor Susana M. has once again vetoed a bill that would allow the growing of an industrial Hemp crop in New Mexico.  She must think that with all the pot sales and tax revenues up in Colorado, that all of America will run to the Land of Enchantment to get high in the fields.  Except  Hemp doesn't make you high, unless you are a farmer looking for a good cash crop in growing a very useful plant.

This veto is a metaphor for a truly incompetent Governor who never looks forward, only backward to her prosecutor days where in her mind nothing good can come out of anyone she deals with.  What a sad thing to happen to New Mexico.


New Mexican said...

Why, pray tell, do you think that the "industrial hemp" boys are so adamant on passing this bill being that they cannot get high? Because hemp will help the small farmer? Because it brings more cash than chile per acre? Easier to grow than alfalfa? From my viewpoint it it the very same people who want legalized pot who seem to be in the forefront of the "hemp" bandwagon. Makes me wonder, really wonder.

Nob Hill Ward Chair said...

This is one of the bills that the Governatrix may have vetoed improperly. We'll see what the State Supreme Court says.