Monday, September 18, 2006

Oil and Gas Industry Funds Dirty Politics

So what else is new? My opponent started his negative radio ads today. They are being paid for by the oil and gas industry, you know, they are the same guys who gave us bush and cheney. The ads are full of erroneous and misleading information. The oil and gas guys don't care. They want to continue owning the New Mexico State Land Office just like they own the White House. If you would like to help counter the oil and gas industry and their mascot Pat Lyons, please go to and make a donation. Lets show the oil and gas industry that they don't run New Mexico.

One of the lies in the radio commercial was that I was fired by President Bill Clinton as BLM Director. Nothing is further from truth. Please read this for a good approximation of what happened after I left Washington after 13 months. Both the President and Vice President had asked me to stay as BLM Director. After meeting with Bruce Babbitt and witnessing his obvious lack of respect for the BLM's efforts, I placed a letter of resignation in his lap and left with my head held high. Both President Clinton and Vice President Gore asked for my support in their subsequent bids for the White House and I gladly gave it to them.


Anonymous said...

I heard the ad this morning and it sounded pretty damaging. How will you respond?

Jim Baca said...

We wont respond to this kind if Rovian negative ads. We will compare our records.