Tuesday, October 18, 2005


The latest national polls are showing that bush's approval ratings have fallen to 39%. Why do I think that is still to much of an approval rating? How can that many poll respondents still think he is worthy of approval? My guess is God. Fundamentalists probably add to that number quite a bit just because they see bush as an ally of God. And there is probably nothing that will change their minds. These are the same folks who hated Bill Clinton even though he was an intelligent, hard working, and involved President. He just wasn't seen as Godly.

I will travel to Phoenix late this afternoon for a meeting of westerners on a proposal by several foundations to open and fund a "Rocky Mountain Think Tank" This is an exciting prospect and could really help shape policy in the region. Certainly our issues in the area are somewhat different from many other regions of the country and it is time we started thinking about them in a more concentrated way. Natural Resources, energy, water, public lands, western cities, rural economies and growth are all intertwined and need special focus which such a think tank could provide. This institution would be non partisan but would be progressive in nature.

I hope this will happen over the next year or two. Our quality of life in the west could depend on this deep thinking.

Bobbi and I finally heard from our daughter Noelle. She is taking scuba lessons somewhere off the coast of Malaysia. Sounds exciting.

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Colfax Observer said...

Why does the map exclude 1/2 of NM and other states. All of Montana is missing.