Thursday, October 06, 2005

Food Fight

I had blogged earlier about the lead story on Channel 7 News last night being about a


I thought it was kind of silly but then I pick up the Albuquerque Journal this morning and see it as their lead story. It trumped the fact that our disgraced and indicted State Treasuer Robert Vigil showed up to work yesterday. (This story was a front page one too.)

Now, Robert Vigil and his attorney Sam Bregman are setting up a Food Fight in the special session of the legislature over Vigil's impeachment. Rather than Vigil just gracefully doing the state, the legislature and himself a service and resigning, Bregman has convinced Vigil to be a headline grabber. This is Bregman's style. Don't forget Bregman, who ran against me for Mayor in 1997, destroyed his candidacy when he did a news conference on the steps of the Bernalillo County Court House. His subject that day was an attack on another candidate, former Governor Dave Cargo. Bregman essentially said that Cargo was unfit to be Mayor because he was a defense attorney, while Bregman himself had dedicated his career to putting people in jail as an assistant district attorney. It was the fastest meltdown of a candidacy in local politics that I can remember. Bregman came in fourth that year, right behind Cargo.

Sam, you have come a long way.

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