Thursday, April 13, 2006


It seems the only time I have to read books anymore is when I am on an airplane. After watching Kevin Phillips on the Bill Maher show the other night I decided I would need to read his latest book, "American Theocracy" the first chance I got. I saw the book in the book store in the Tucson airport yesterday. Although I have only read the preface and first five or six chapters I will say that anyone who cares about their children' future should definitely read this tome. Essentially, Philipps, a republican, says that our oil habit, our national and personal debt, and the emergence of the first American religious political party, yes-its the republicans, will doom this country to the superpower scrap heap of history. He lays it all out and compares us to the former Dutch, Spanish, British and French super powers that receded throughout history for the same reasons.

Do your self a favor and read this book. Then look forward to the November elections with a renewed fervor.

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