Thursday, April 20, 2006

My Sister gave me hell

This is Arturo Sandoval who is a good friend and supporter of mine. We worked hard in the Santa Fe Espanola area today doing a lot of campaigning. I probably met and talked to around 200 people today. Good old time politicking. Arturo really helped and we had a good time. Arturo grew up in Espanola and knows everyone there. He comes from a very large family and his many brothers and sisters are scattered through out the Espanola Valley and other parts of the state and country.

On another matter, my sister Carlota sent me an email today saying she hopes I won't stop being blunt and saying what I think just because I am in a political race. Well big sister, when have I ever really done that? And so in keeping with that genetic affliction I will say I do think bush is the worst president ever. If you haven't seen it it here.

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