Friday, January 26, 2007

Insurmountable Work

I always marvel at the amount of work our legislators set out for them selves. Several thousand bills will be introduced at this session. A huge majority of them will never get a committee hearing. Those bills are usually the ones that a lawmaker introduces for constituents even though he or she has no inclination to support them. Other times there will be a hearing conducted for appearances sake and the legislator can say they tried!

Some of the bills get less consideration than the time allotted to the introduction of pages every morning. That is probably a good thing. For the most part the leadership in the Senate and the House knows this and uses such tactics to keep their eye on the big issues. This year that should be campaign reform, reinvestment in school infrastructure with the windfall oil and gas revenue, and dealing with a decent renewable energy package that doesn't just end up being ethanol.

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