Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wanna Bet?

So, what issue in the Legislature will get the most coverage by the news media this year? I am including so called TV News in this. I am betting that cockfighting will rule the airwaves since it is a story that TV reporters can easily do without any research or sweat. I am guessing the Associated Press and the large daily newspapers will cover that issue quite a bit too, but I am hopeful they will give the most coverage to the Ethics and Campaign reform issue. That really is the most important thing to watch again. While they are at it, I also wish that someone would insist on funding audits of the campaign reports of all statewide candidates. My opponent in the Land Commissioner election contributed over $200,000 to his own campaign in the last two weeks of the race. This occured while he still had a surplus left in his account. Strange?

I am not sure anyone is even charged with looking into the accuracy and veracity of those campaign reports. The news media merely reports who contributed but they never really get into the harder job of tracking those donations to their sources. That should be the job of the Secretary of State, the Attorney General or the State Auditor. Let's see if one of them will step up to job during the session.

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