Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The bush Team Gift

The bush administration is getting ready to give a huge gift to their oil and gas industry enablers by getting ready to approve up to 126,000 new oil and gas wells on your public lands in five western states. New Mexico is slated for a hefty portion of those water threatening drilling jobs. To understand the largess that bush is willing to give to his buddies, consider the fact there are only 76,000 wells operating now. Ahh, the gift that keeps on giving.

See the report here.

I had a flash last night as I was watching a TV show that reminded me that bush lost the popular vote in the last election. Somehow, I had forgotten that and it made me angry all over again.

I had coffee this morning with a friend who was wondering what Colin Powell and Condolezza Rice think about every morning when they look in the mirror. These are two smart people who wanted to be around power rather than centering on honesty. As smart people, I wonder if deep down they can truly rationalize their complicity in this mess.

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David said...

Where are they planning on putting these new wells in NM?