Friday, September 21, 2007


Some mortgage companies have turned into nothing but Predators. I get something like this everyday. (click on it to see it clearly.) This particular mailer looks like the government has flagged my house and mortgage as being in danger. It implies I must call them for action on the mortgage. It is aimed at senior citizens and is meant to sucker them into getting new mortgages before their current ones run out. I will bet the interest rate will be higher for those old folks. I know it would be for me, since I have a 4.3% mortgage that has another 4 years to run. (I got this one at the absolute low point)

I know that the Governor and GSD Secretary Ed Lopez are investigating these fraudulent folks on an ongoing basis. Good for them. When they are found guilty I hope there will be criminal complaints filed against the CEOs and Board of Directors because their crimes are just as bad as someone breaking into your house and stealing everything you own. I have no sympathy for them.

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