Tuesday, September 25, 2007


As we flew the serpentine approach over the Potomac into Washington, DC this afternoon I was shocked at the appearance of the DC area. It almost looks like New Mexico. It is brown and dry. The cab ride in reminded me of a drive through a desert. They are suffering a real drought here and it shows. The cab driver, a nice Ethiopian guy who wondered if New Mexico was in the U.S., said there was great hope for later in the week when the forecast was for rain. I instantly thought of all this as a metaphor for the bush administration. Things are bad, but soon there is hope for a change.

I think my brain is stuck in this mode of thinking about bush all the time. A friend of mine who has been out of town for four weeks but was checking in on my blog said I was beginning to sound like Bill Maher. Well, yes I do. My friend hasn't any kids and I told him that I guess that was driving my bad attitude. They are the ones who will reap the result of all of this bush failure.

I went to a couple of nice receptions for Alaska Wilderness tonight. One at the Rayburn house offices and one at the National Geographic HQ. They were really nice and I saw a lot of old friends. All of them are hoping for the best in the next election, but they are all very cautious at the same time about whether the Democrats will self destruct. Me too.


Anonymous said...

By all means, please keep on railing about Bush, Jim. I have 3 little ones and I've told them this will be there fight in the future. Too much bad has been let loose and they'll have to deal with it...environmental, foreign and domestic evils. I've let them know they will need real leaders, maybe themselves, to get us through. I've let them see my sorrow and anger over feeling impotent. How could we have stopped Bush? Where are our generation's leaders? How can we just let our freedom and rights, and even trample on those of non-Americans...how can we just let it all go? If it's this bad for me, there must be some serious apathy out there. I hope liberals will get out and vote. This is our chance to start correcting all Bush has done. Too bad a guy like Richardson, with real change in mind, has almost no chance. Do I really trust Clinton? I just don't think she'll do enough. How does one stave off the apathy? With anger? I hate feeling angry all the time.

Thanks, as always, for your continued voice of care and reason.


Prabhu Singh said...

Bush is just a face to the underlying masters who control him. They control the Democrats too. If Democrats were any kind of opposition we'd see criminal proceedings against Bush and his cronies, and impeachment at the very least. They all have corporate masters, nobody can get elected without them. Corporations are controlled by boards who have short term profits in mind. Nobody is loyal to any company and nobody cares about long term prosperity through sustainable solutions. The boards are beholden to share holders who want immediate profits.
It's a big circle of greed.
Sansietch, re agner:
My friend told me the other day, God didn't send you to save the world. Even if I think it, really I can't single handedly change the whole world. The first thing we need to do is become completely responsible for our own actions and behaviors. We have to live in peace with poise so that nothing can upset us and throw us from our equilibrium. The individual actions/consciousness will affect the macro actions/consciousness, just like changing a lightbulb in every house in America could greatly reduce our energy usage.
Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh (learner) path stated "man jeetay, jag jeet" which translates as "victory in the mind equals victory in the world." If we can conquer our minds through meditation, charity, righteous actions, etc. Then the world truly is ours.
I highly recommend daily meditation. Sorry if I offended anybody, I know some people don't like the mention of God. Also Sikhs don't believe in prostletyzing, we consider all religions equal, I just wanted to share a small part of my lifestyle.