Monday, September 24, 2007


I travel tomorrow. I used to love to go to Washington, DC. Now I don't enjoy it so much anymore, except for the really great people that I meet with when I am there. It goes without saying that they are not members of the administration, although I would meet with them if they really wanted to do something positive and competent. They don't do much of that these days. And most Americans agree.

I will be busy on Wednesday with numerous meetings on the Hill with Congressmen and Senators and mainly their staffs on the Off Road Vehicle problems on public lands in the west. In the evening I will be attending a roll out for the new National Conservation System Foundation which will help to protect the National Landscape Conservation System which was created by President Clinton. These lands are comprised mostly of Bureau of Land Management Lands that are worthy of increased protection.

I will undoubtedly go by the White House and curse under my breath. Maybe, I will wave too.

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