Thursday, November 22, 2007

Alka Seltzer

We pigged out, but I must say not as much in the past. Twenty five or so of family only this year. Only one dose of Alka Seltzer needed.

I snapped this picture of all the female progeny of the family except for little Maya Schmidt shown on her own. She belongs to Stephanie.

Top row is Stephanie and Sara, my brother and Jan's daughters, Noelle who belongs to Bobbi and me(well, used to belong). Bottom row is Emma Schmidt who belongs to Stephanie and Mike, Kelly who belongs to Sara and Jason Reeves, and Amanda and Anya who belong to Lisa (Jan's sister) and John Newell.

Everything today was really nice except for an editorial in the Albuquerque Journal saying we should drill in the Alaska Wildlife Refuge. How about we put a drilling rig in front of Journal Center and see if they still think it is okay? And then put a couple dozen more on every vacant lot in Journal Center. And then connect them all up with pipelines and roads. Well, I hope you get my point.

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