Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thankful Things

It is no secret that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It really beats out all of the religious and national holidays since it doesn't mark someones violent death or political career. Christmas is okay too, but its mostly just another prehistoric holiday adapted for Christians and global corporate retailers.

But Thanksgiving day is for guiltlessly pigging out on carbs with the family, and really reflecting on the good things we have experienced over the year, or at least the bad things that didn't happen. So here is my Thanksgiving list for the year.

1. We are thankful for our new daughter in law, Karly. She and Justin were married six weeks ago. Justin really lucked out in meeting such a wonderful woman.

2. We are thankful for our greatest vacation ever to Venice, Croatia, Greece, Turkey(the country, not the food), and Slovenia.

3. We are thankful our daughter Noelle got her first big promotion and raise at Intel in Arizona after her first year with them. Noelle is 22 and makes more money than I did at 45.

4. We are thankful that bush and cheney are so disliked by the American electorate. It should have happened sooner but it did happen.

5. We are thankful that New Mexico is a beacon of hope in the growing hysteria over immigrants. Governor Richardson, the legislature and the people should be recognized for valuing our immigrant neighbors as hard working folks who care about their families.

6. We are thankful that the Land of Enchantment stands a good chance of having an entirely Democratic congressional delegation.

7. We are thankful that people and the media are finally thinking a little about what a small planet we live on and how we can truly screw it up if we are not careful.

8. We are thankful we are all in good health in our family and that all of us have health insurance.

9. We are thankful for having good friends, good wine, two cute beagles and Jerry the cat.

10. We are especially thankful that bush and his ilk will be gone in just 14 months and that the country can work towards being great again.

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Anonymous said...

We are especially thankful that Obama and his copy cat ways will be gone in just 14 months and that the country can work towards being great again.