Monday, November 05, 2007

Where's the Money Coming From?

I think the scramble for money to fuel all of the upcoming Congressional and Senate races will be unprecedented. Add to that the need for money for the Presidential candidates, including Governor Richardson's natural home state take, and you have a big time shortfall. It is especially dangerous in New Mexico because there is not that much money here in the first place, except for the tunnel visioned oil and gas industry. We know their money will automatically accrue to republican candidates. That money will hurt Democrats big time.

The Senate Campaign Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committees need to be careful about assessing viable candidates in New Mexico on something other than their ability to raise money, since there is little of that here. Of course, candidates have to ante up a respectful amount just to show they can, say $350,000 by the first of the year. But, what is respectful here may look puny in other richer states. These committees need to get involved in raising money for the optimum candidates in the Federal races almost immediately.

No matter what happens, we will see one thing during the general election. Lots of out of state money will decide these races and we will have to make sure that the 'big money boys' don't run the elected officials lives after the election.

Now, think where all that money is going. It is going to the TV stations. This whole system is designed to get money to the TV stations for advertising. The campaign accounts are nothing more that holding areas for enriching the media giants. Pathetic.

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Prabhu Singh said...

"we will have to make sure that the 'big money boys' don't run the elected officials lives after the election."

They run the "election" and the run the "officials." The only way to make sure they don't is vote for somebody that's not backed by the 'big money boys.'