Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Marty Chavez and the Santa Fe Trust Fund Elite

I am not quite sure why the media is giving Marty Chavez a pass on his remarks about what he calls the Santa Fe Trust Fund Elite. I got this comment today and though I should just let it speak for itself. I will be attending Tom Udall's announcement for Senate today at the Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque at 11:30am.

"Here are some of the things that the “trust fund elites” in Santa Fe have supported: Quivira Coalition, Earthcare International, St. Elizabeth’s Homeless Shelter, Somos Un Pueblo Unido for immigrants, the Food Depot, the Lensic Performing Arts Center, National Dance Institute, Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Railyard Park, Friends of the Santa Fe Public Library, the Boys and Girls Club, the Santa Fe Farmers Market, Bienvenidos Outreach, the Wildlife Center, the Espanola Animal Shelter, the Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society, St. Johns Soup Kitchen, Kitchen Angels for homebound and disabled, Challenge New Mexico for disabled children, Think New Mexico, NM Voices for Children, the Youth Symphony, Open Hands for the Elderly, the Hospice Center for the terminally ill and the bereaved, the Teen Center, Cooking with Kids, Kids in Distressed Situations, Salvation Army, the SF Incubator for Small Business, Santa Fe Literacy Volunteers, Assistance Dogs of the West, Partners in Education, the Mentoring Project for Youth, the Council for International Relations, the Children’s Museum, Corazones Unidas for HIV+ Women and Families, Cornerstones Community Partnerships, La Familia Medical Centers for underserved populations and uninsured, Women’s Health Services, Fine Arts for Children, Girls, Inc., El Centro Health Centers of Northern NM, Hispanics in Philanthropy, the Forest Trust, Santa Fe Community Foundation, New Mexico Community Foundation, New Mexico Women’s Foundation, Futures for Children Indian Youth Education, Save the Children, League of Conservation Voters, Coalition for Quality Children’s Media, Homewise, Inc. for Affordable Housing, SF Land Use Resource Center, Taos County Economic Development Corp, SF Maternal and Child Health Centers, Teen Suicide and Crisis Hotline, Youth Shelters and Family Services, La Nueva Vida for mental health, drug and alcohol problems, SF Rape Crisis and Trauma Center, Natural Helpers Teen Suicide Prevention, NM Environmental Law Center, Southwest Women’s Law Center, Outside In for institutionalized people, Pecos Valley Medical Center, Heart Gallery New Mexico for adoption of older children, Santa Fe Watershed Assn, Santa Fe Mountain Center (for troubled youth), National Resource Defense Council, Southwest CARE Center for HIV/AIDS, Trust for Public Land, Amigos Bravos (conservation), Animal Protection of New Mexico, Trust for Public Land………….. and a couple of hundred other good community causes.

How disappointing and how ignorant of Marty Chavez to suggest that Santa Fe County’s charitable donations and generosity are somehow diminished because of its reputation for also supporting New Mexico’s arts, culture and diverse heritage and ethnicities. I suggest his speechwriters do their homework before having him mouth such stupid and moronic statements."


michelle meaders said...

I thought Mayor Marty was bashing the "the Santa Fe Trust Fund Elite" for supporting Udall. Did he say this list, and what was the point of it? Besides, we know that much of the charitable giving is done by people of modest means.

Rodney said...

Stupid and moronic is, as stupid and moronic does.

One can't help but wonder why, after initiating and defending the traffic camera program and Albuquerque, he suddenly wants to end it (despite contractual obligations he dismisses as trivial), unless he realizes this life saving system may not sit well with his conservative friends outside of the city.

george said...

LOL, I get your post, even though the lady didnt.
Marty is toast and his DINOs dont like it.
oh well at least he can still be mayor.
I dont live in Burque, so I hope he stays there.
New Mexico couldnt afford Marty as a Senator, we would have nuclear waste dumps everywhere, like his buddys, the Dominicis are trying to get in eastern New Mexico.