Monday, August 25, 2008

The West Teeters?

I will be heading up to Denver late Tuesday for the Convention. I am not a delegate but I will stay with friends up there and crash a party or two on Wednesday. It will surely increase my angst over what is happening right now on the campaign though. Here is my concern with the admonition that only someone like Governor Bill Richardson can save the day.

Are we heading for a rerun of the Kerry Presidential campaign? I am getting an uneasy feeling that may be the case. With Barack Obama and running mate Joe Biden, both Eastern U.S. Senators, we have a case building that they don't understand the west, and especially the inter mountain west. Like Kerry and Edwards four years ago it will be difficult for them to hit western themes effectively if they don't get some practice in. It is not simply going to be pretending to love the Cowboys and the myth of the west.

Here are a few words for them that will show they at least understand some of the salient issues here. 1. Watersheds 2. Urban sprawl 3. Wilderness 4. Solar Energy 5. Oil and Gas pollution 6. Adequate clean water 7. Modern transportation systems 8. Humane Immigration Reform..........well, the list goes on but these few issues should be at least mentioned as Obama and Biden roll through our state which is being touted as a must win! Kerry never hit these themes which are so important to our region. There was no emotional connection on the issues that affect our quality of life. Bill Richardson could help big time in securing the west. I hope they put his knowledge of these issues to good use.

I am sure that McCain will hit on these issues occasionally just because he is from the west and knows of our concerns. He will just be on the wrong side of these issues. If you liked cheney's stands of western issues, (drill, drill, drill) then you will like McCains.

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