Sunday, August 31, 2008

Saved by a Natural Disaster

Hurricane Gustav is a gift to the Republican Party. It gives a reason to pare down expectations of the convention by canceling part of it. There was no way they could match the Obama spectacle last week in Denver. Yes, it is the right thing to do, but it is also a God send for McCain and his new VP pick Governor Palin. When I first saw her on TV she looked interesting. Then they started listing her positions on the issues. She is a right wing ultra conservative in soccer mom camoflauge.

My good friend Steve Cobble and I talked about this during a long coffee Sunday morning here in Washington, DC where we are visiting our son Justin and his wife Karly. We decided that the crucial issue that will wipe out Palin and then McCain in her wake is her position that bears in Alaska should be killed.

Think of it, a campaign to kill bears who are already running out of time since there is less and less flow ice to live on. Some smart Democrat has to get this information along with cute bear cub photos into every third grade classroom in the country. The sooner the better.

Here is a nice picture of Justin and Karly. Justin now works at the Solar Energy Industry Association and he is having a great time. Karly now will start looking for work too. They both have their Master's degrees from Syracuse University.

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Albuquerque Art Business Assn. (AABA) said...

The fix is in ... reports are now that she was never a member of the Independence Party although there seems to be evidence to the contrary ... Watch all three videos - One is her supporting the group who wants Alaska to be a country.

The investigation of her will probably not be completed before the election because she will be too busy to respond to the investigators.

Power is a scary thing.