Friday, August 22, 2008

Whither the West

It is unlikely that Barack Obama will choose a westerner as a running mate. My support for him is still 100%, but this bothers me a little when it comes to my main domestic issues. That is the protection of western landscapes and watersheds. Of course, having a VP from the west doesn't automatically mean good things will happen on these issues. Just look and the rape and pillage westerner we now have as VP, cheney.

But, we will have a team in place in the White House, if Obama wins, that will most likely not know what the Bureau of Land Management is or what the issues are on over half the lands in the inter-mountain west. So, the importance of an Interior Department Secretary who is influential with Obama and knows the issues is paramount. Certainly, Bill Richardson could do it, but I think he is moving on to other possibilities.

The real vigilance on this predicament should come in the transition process between election day and inauguration day. That is when the Interior Secretary will be vetted and selected and the fate of the west and its dominance by the oil and gas industry will be decided. Pay attention then for sure.

As for McCain, he is from the west but would be only slightly better than bush and cheney.

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