Tuesday, December 18, 2012

An Opportunity

Soon we will be inundated with Mayoral candidates.  This gives us an opportunity to bring up an issue in a meaningful way for once, and that is what each candidate will do in regards to control and/or eradication of assault rifles in our midst.  And they cant just cop out about talking about ammunition magazines.  I mean the whole package needs to be debated.

And, our New Mexico Supreme Court needs to revisit gun control questions.  Those elected judges always cower before the NRA as they did when they struck down my efforts as Mayor to keep concealed weapons out of Albuquerque.  They acted like a bunch of sissies and just blew us off.

And then there is our legislature.  How many of them are willing to work on these issues and reform the concealed carry laws in this state?  Do we need them?  They certainly have never stopped a mass killing have they?  No, they are just there for a bunch of neurotics who want to feel more powerful.

Now is the time to strike on these gun issues.  The NRA is cowering in the corner.  They even took down their Facebook page.   


Bubba Muntzer said...

Everyone who is opposed to gun control is an expert in repeating the NRA sound bites, which the gun lobby has perfected over the years and repeated ad infinitum.

I hear people now and then who can refute them, but most of us probably can't easily do that. A campaign like you're talking about would elicit the kind of attack one of your readers described yesterday, when elected officials wanting to pass a gun control ordinance were intimidated by a bunch of NRA nuts.

Already gun advocates are making the preposterous claim that the CT school shooting could have been stopped if someone in the school was armed.

ABC filmed some simulations police did that vividly demonstrate that having a concealed gun on you is virtually useless when something happens.

They used experienced gun owners armed with paint ball pistols and had them be one of a group sitting in a meeting room. Most of the time they couldn't get their gun out of the holster before they were dead, but if they did they were likely going to kill one of the other people, who were scattering in every direction.

On Youtube it's in two parts, both pretty short.



Some of the gun advocates are desperately trying to divert the conversation over into something having to do with mental illness. Improve background checks and so forth. The problem isn't guns, it's mentally ill people.

But they are part of the same crowd that is constantly lusting for the execution of mentally ill people. It needs to be pointed out to them that they can't have it both ways. They can't claim that someone isn't responsible when they're standing at a gun store counter but are responsible when they're standing before the dock.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Governor Martinez ignores question about assault weapons ban and instead emphasizes going after the mentally ill:


Anonymous said...

Our kids' school (small private school) practiced a shut down drill on the day of the shootings. They were able to "lock down" in 90 seconds. Those AR-15s can do a lot of killing in 90 seconds.