Tuesday, December 11, 2012

War Against Workers

Another state, Michigan, has passed the so called "Right to Work"  law.  It is really a law aimed at the right to work for next too nothing.  It means to destroy organized labor.  I watched efforts for years when I worked for Governor Bruce King to pass this law in New Mexico.  He always fought it as did the democrats in the Legislature.

Now the New Mexico Restaurant Association wants to have the city council unilaterally change the intent of the new minimum wage law passed in Albuquerque.  Eatery employees make less than anyone before tips and this Association doesn't want to see any changes.  And they are telling the voters to "Go Frak Yourself" (thanks to Battlestar Galactica for the new verb).  I am willing to pay an extra buck at meal time to help cover this hike.  I think most people feel that way too or they would not have voted for this.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

Re: "I think most people feel that way too or they would not have voted for this."

Thank you for pointing that out. It gives me newfound faith in humankind especially in New Mexicans.

As for those idiots up there in my home state, that is just depressing. That that could happen in a place that owes everything it has to the United Auto Workers is beyond belief. The fruits of Reagan -- the decimation of the industrial base, of the unions, of the idea of what it means to be Americans.

But they/we always were able to be divided one from another to embarrassing ends. George Wallace won the Michigan Democratic primary in 1972 and Rick Santorum won the Republican primary this year.