Friday, December 28, 2012


It is the law that in New Mexico you are not allowed to know who carries concealed weapons.  A nice reporter at the Journal sent me the following.

This is 29-19-6(B) of Concealed Handgun Carry Act:

Information relating to an applicant or to a licensee received by the 
department or any other law enforcement agency is confidential and 
exempt from public disclosure unless an order to disclose information is 
issued by a court of competent jurisdiction.  The information shall be 
made available by the department to a state or local law enforcement 
agency upon request by the agency.

I wonder if some competent Judge might take on a case making this clause unconstitutional?  Perhaps some good socially minded lawyer could do this pro bono.  It certainly would be in the public interest to have the ability to go online and see who is allowed to carry concealed weapons.  It is always helpful to know if someone is paranoid and armed.

The Journal ran an informative oped this morning lambasting this country's poor internet service which has been enabled by a corrupt congress and business community.  Think Comcast here.  They are an evil worthless empire and are putting profits first and service levels second.  Here is a long story by Bloomberg on our dismal internet in America.


Bubba Muntzer said...

That is mind boggling. You must be right about it being unconstitutional. It makes you wonder how that got past any opponents, and how many more laws we have like that.

Here is the law, as updated in 2005:

It's pretty interesting reading, really. It's not that long.

29-29-11 makes it invalid in a courthouse. The competent judge will be happy to know that.

I just wish they'd made it invalid in Lotaburger. I spend a lot more time there than the courthouse.

ConLaw101 said...

I have a concealed gun permit but I don't carry a weapon as a general rule. I only carry it if I am going to work late because my office is downtown and the parking lots are dark. I like having the option to carry it but I don't want my name advertised as if I were a danger to the public like, say, the sex offenders are. The Second Amendment gives me the right to possess a firearm and the weapons training gave me the knowledge to respect a weapon. Those who do not have that respect are the problem. People hate to speak ill of the dead but the mother in Connecticut did not have a proper gun safe, she had a gun cabinet and she knew her son was a danger. As for the other shootings, those were adults who purchased weapons on their own. Here is an idea: require those who want to purchase a weapon to take and pass a weapon safety course. Makes sense to me.