Saturday, December 22, 2012


Where are our cowardly NM Mayors?  As Rodger Beimer pointed out in his blog today many Mayors here have stood silent on the massacre and assault rifles.  Mayor Richard Berry of Albuquerque, Mayor Tom Swisstack of Rio Rancho, Mayor Larry Abraham of Los Ranchos have stood silent.  Look for your Mayor in this list of Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition.


Bubba Muntzer said...

Very interesting. Even the governor said something.

Said nothing about trying to control guns, of course. I heard on the radio that the Connecticut governor asked all governors to observe a moment of silence and Martinez was one of only nine who did.

I don't know if she stroked her concealed weapon during the moment of silence or not.

That's an interesting list of governors you link to. Bloomberg and Rahm Emanuel are there. New Mexico has more mayos on the list than Texas, just not from the big cities, as you say, except for Santa Fe.

Anonymous said...

You and I are not in agreement on the gun issue BUT I am in total agreement with you here. Worst examples of political and executive leadership in the country---from Governor Martinez on down to Mayor Berry...worthless. And their silence is evidence of that.

Anonymous said...

Gun nuts abound in NM, and they vote. I'm not taking about hunters who hunt for food. I'm talking about those that feel that guns are a part of their personal identity, instead of a tool.
Guns don't make people safe. The only safety we really have is the good will of our families and fellow citizens, and the rule of law. Gun nuts believe that guns make them free, when in fact they are just a useless, expensive, dangerous symbol of fear and impotence.
Also, while you are fondling tour guns, the politicians you vote for are stealing your real asset; a livable country where we actually trust each other.
BTW, I am a former Marine, combat vet, and my wife was a police officer here in NM for a while. Believe me, we have experience with gun nuts.

Anonymous said...

I was already aware that my mayor is one of those not on the list. I'll respect his decision about joining -- but I did send an email this morning asking him to explain his reasoning.