Monday, December 29, 2014


My favorite movie of the year was "The Imitation Game".  My other close favorites were "Interstellar, Grand Budapest Hotel, Railway Man, Calvary, and Fury.  All the other movies we saw were popcorn movies, although "Hunger Games" was pretty good.

On TV everything good we watched was on Netflix, Amazon or Hulu.  We have binge watched "Mozart in the Jungle, Alpha House, The Assets, Hinterlands, Black Mirror" and a few others.  I have also enjoyed FX's "American Horror Story."

Our viewing habits are inching us towards dropping the 250 satellite channels for good.  Just doing that would save $150 a month.  And we would put up an HD antenna on the roof to get those few good network shows.  But not until the final season of "Mad Men.'

My best reads were, "Under the Skin, The Bone Clocks, Blood and Thunder, American Elsewhere, Dreamers of the Day, The Three Body Problem, The Martian, A Calculated Life, The Madonnas of Leningrad, and Revival."


New Mexican said...

I read "Blood and Thunder" earlier, the book, while a good read, is more like a historical novel than a true history. The author seems to have written it as a screen play which is a way used by some authors to squeeze extra revenue out of their work. There are other books that depict Kit Carson in a more realistic way, though those books are not as action packed nor as fun to read.

Historical novels, which this book should have been labeled, have a way of subtly distorting history.

New Mexican history, and Blood and Thunder is part of that history, is an amazing story without need of embellishing.

Anonymous said...

iTunes (and maybe Amazon) will sell you the final season of Mad Men- episodes come out the day after they broadcast on AMC. It'll run you $30-40 for the season, but if that's the only reason you're keeping the Dish it's a small price to pay.

Anonymous said...

We cut the cable cord a few years back. We use Ooma for our phone service ($4) per month, with voice mail, caller ID, unlimited long distance and local calling anywhere in the USA.

We subscribe to Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.

We bought a great HD TV antenna. It is thin as a piece of paper and is taped on the wall behind the TV. You can't see it and we pull in all the stations (CBS, NBC, ABC).

The only we we do now is $75 per month to Comcast for high speed blast internet. If I can find a cheaper service I would cut Comcast out too, but they seem to have the corner on the market. Check out Ooma for your phone service, it is a great and cheap.