Saturday, December 06, 2014

Tiny Brains

There will be a lot of people gnashing their teeth because a new APS Superintendent may have starting pay of $300,000.  Already some idiots on Facebook are saying $200K should be more than sufficient.  Such tiny brains on some people.  They would pay someone multiples less than a basketball coach?  Yeah, they would.  Tea Party sized brains.

Frankly, I think the salaries should be switched.  Pay the new APS head the millions and the coaches in the NCAA $200K, because right now everything is upside down.


Anonymous said...

The bigger issue than pay is how we elected board members who have managed to hire as superintendents:

1) an alcoholic pill popper
2) a let's get drunk and go cruising if it means dying partier
3) a tweeting-to-newsreporter- nincompoop who when not making a fool of himself is calling the cops on his wife.


Bubba Muntzer said...

That's a good point. A map made the rounds on the internet showing the highest paid public employee in almost all states is a coach.

You can't reverse the decline in public education without putting good people on the job -- the best, it should be. That would go for school board members, too.