Wednesday, December 17, 2014


First the good news.  President Obama will open diplomatic relations with Cuba.  I thought this would happen and if the right wingers in Florida don't like, Screw Them!

The slaughter of innocent school children in Pakistan by armed religious fanatics may well be the end of the Taliban in that country.  Wouldn't it be meaningful to see the same thing happen in this country to the NRA's continued support of assault rifles for everyone?  All those children who died at Sandy Hook Elementary School have not inspired anyone in this country to react as we all seem to want the Pakistanis to react.  I had a friend say yesterday that he thought the NRA was as evil as the Taliban.  They may be.  But the gun manufacturers motive is profit, while the Taliban want a religious state.  The demise of both of these groups as currently organized would be a plus for civilization.

So, as New Mexico sits at the bottom of economic recovery the big issue of the day for the republican legislators and governor still involves drivers licenses for undocumented workers.  If this doesn't point out their lack of ideas, I don't know what does.  In the meantime the government hating GOP in our state stays silent on the fact that the state made out well in the federal budget.  That means at least some high paying jobs will remain intact.

The Albuquerque Journal subscription statement sits right in front of me.  What to do?  After reading one of their insipid editorials this morning I am close to trashing it.  They said that the meteoric rise in generic drug prices is unexplained.  Well Mr. Editor, I can give you the explanation. It is about American Corporate greed and the consumers ability to just stupidly absorb these hits with out raising hell. The Journal needs this explained?  They want someone to look into this issue which is good.  But, they just can't bring themselves to admit the obvious.


Anonymous said...

I struggled a month ago about renewing my Journal subscription. They are down to about 80,000 in circulation and it keeps going down. The Journal still thinks its the publication of "record", whatever that means. The only reason I renewed is that you need to keep tabs on what it feeds to the Republican geriatric group and right wing business community who vote and who subscribe, and what direction they are going after Democrats. Don't subscribe if you are looking for journalism, your never going to ger fair and objective reporting. Read the Journal as a source of what propaganda the Republicans are spreading as a form of self defense.

The Journal's continued promotion of Berry and Martinez gives you some insight on what these two fools are up to as well as the Republican operatives. A good example of what I am talking about is the over the top coverage of the opening of the Paseo del Norte overpass: a front page top of the fold photo and 4 pages on the inside, all dedicated to promoting Martinez and Berry, all for a project that in the long term is only for commuter convenience and which in no way will have any impact on turning New Mexico's and Albuquerque's economies around. Yet the Paseo Overpass won an award and was called a "game changer". Give me a break! Compare that to the coveage given to the Big I renovation under Richarson: NOT EVEN CLOSE.

mike cadigan said...

I renewed only because of Winthrop Quigley.

Bubba Muntzer said...

That is good news about Cuba. Amazing news, too. And will complicate my view of Barak Obama, probably until the new congress is sworn in and he goes into full compromise mode again.

That's a good point about "at least some high paying jobs will remain intact." I've read that this muchas ballyhooed budget actually cuts funding from last year's.

Anonymous said...

I read the Journal on-line and answer the survey questions.

Anonymous said...

Winthrop Quigley is a tool!