Friday, December 12, 2014

PNM Screws Solar

They will deny it, but PNM is coming after roof top solar advocates with an axe.  They want to charge a $21 a month fee for 'grid maintenance' to those who sell power from their rooftops to PNM to resell.  This is an abomination.  (I love that word).

We put our solar panels on the roof in 2008 and we have been heavily selling to PNM ever since.  In fact we make about $700 a year over what we pay them in the hottest months of summer.  We are fortunate we got in early because we get a good lifetime rate from PNM.  If you were to put solar on your roof now, which is much cheaper than when we installed it, it would be less and this monthly fee would kill the solar industry in New Mexico for residential.

This proposal should be shown an early grave by the PRC in Santa Fe.


Anonymous said...

If you have solar than you must pay some attention to the sun. As I type this the planes are spewing out clouds to block the suns rays, it started at 7AM this Friday and has been going on all morning and all week. My question is why have you remained silent on what is obviously impacting all of us in the great state of NM and the USA. Until people like you speak out I fear it will only get worse.
Please be part of the solution.
Thank you for all you do

Jim Baca said...

less clouds mean a hotter earth. After 911 when planes were grounded for a week the temperature climb was documented. It was dramatic. So this is all a double edged sword.

Bubba Muntzer said...

PNM has 12 vice presidents

a sure sign of padding the payroll, making everyone but the janitors a big shot so they can justify big salaries for them. Just look at the descriptions. Instead of General Counsel it's Patrick Apodoca, Senior Vice President and General Counsel. Instead of Chief Financial Officer it's Chuck Eldred, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Etc., etc.

I worked at a trucking company where the owner did that, Arrow Trucking in Tulsa. Everyone was a VP. His dad had built the company but died in a small plane wreck and the son steadily drove the company into the ground with foolishness like that, until one year, a couple years after I left, three days before Christmas, all the drivers, around 2,500 of them, got messages to leave their trucks, trailers and loads at the nearest Freighliner dealer. The drivers were all over the US and were just left on their own. There was no last couple of paychecks either.

So my guess is that it's not only about destroying solar, which must scare them to death. All those VPs have swimming pools that will need cleaning out pretty soon.

I don't have solar, so they should pay for all of my grid, right? I'm sending them a bill for the light switch I had to replace. I'll let you know how it goes.

Anonymous said...

in reply to your response above and as a follower of your sage advice, How would you address the biggest elephant in the room of our time? Discussion with the public or total science as we now have.