Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Imagine you are a economic development specialist sent to New Mexico to scope out the possibility of bringing a business to Albuquerque.  You pick up the Albuquerque Journal and start reading.  The first thing you see is an item about how New Mexico school teachers are leaving their profession because they are not paid enough.  And then  you read a story about how basic constitutional rights are being denied because the Public Defenders Office is underfunded and representation in court is doubtful.  Then you read that the Governor and divided legislature can't even pass capital outlay measures to fix roads and infrastructure, thanks to a right wing emergence in the House of Representatives.

You get back in the plane and report to the CEO that the Land of Enchantment isn't very enchanting.  No wonder we are not getting where we need to be in the economic recovery.  It just comes down to one thing, and that is a lack of leadership at all levels.  And the sap public sits and takes it.

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New Mexican said...

The Albuquerque Journal is a larger version of the Rio Grande Sun in the Espanola Valley. Sensational headlines, rumor, half truths and sometimes outright lies.

The television stations are not far behind. Yelling out the sensational headlines that we will see if we tune in at 10:00 PM edition.

These "news outlets" are the face of New Mexico that outsiders see.