Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Managed News

I gave a plus to Channel 13 yesterday for uncovering the horrendous actions of APD in the case of the man who died in a storage container after wounding a police dog.

Today they get a giant F for Larry Barker's so called expose on a supercomputer system purchased by the state in 2008.  He had Governor Martinez on the air attacking former Governor Bill Richardson for allowing the system to fail.  She said there was no business plan to utilize the system.  Lets analyse this.  Richardson had the system for two  years.  She has had it for five years and yet she convinces Barker it was all her predecessors fault.

And Barker had her in front of the cameras and failed to ask her about her business plan for New Mexico.  There is an out migration of people, the worst roads in the country, the worst job growth in the country, the total lack of bipartisanship ever because of her hateful approach to politics, and generally a war on nature as seen in her vindictive efforts at eradicating wildlife such as the mountain lion and wolf in our state.  And Barker didn't even attempt to ask a question that her handlers might not have wanted him to ask.

When will some real effort be made by someone in the mainstream media to get her on the record on these failures?  How long can this sordid leadership be allowed to go unrevealed?  How can the media not have been allowed a free for all interview with her in five years that wasn't limited to certain questions as approved by her handlers?

The biggest failure here is the new corporate journalism's approach to do nothing that would hurt a rightwing GOP politician.  


Michelle Meaders said...

So what has she done with it in the 5 years? Is it still operable or practical, considering advances in computers and data storage since then?

I remember when the state got that computer. (Although I might have the wrong one in mind.) I think it was a gift or at low cost from Sandia Labs or Los Alamos labs when they got a faster one. There were many proposals for sharing it, and there was an office on Central near University Blvd for people to work with it.

When we invent or build new technology, we don't always know at first how it can be used.

Anonymous said...

Jim, has Larry ever done a news worthy story? Just vail accusations (five minutes of fame so to speak) then what? Never any follow up down the road. He is just another talking head towing the company line.

Anonymous said...

Incredible, but not surprising, lame and one-sided reporting. When Barker asked Martinez why the project failed, she said ask Bill Richardson. Did he? Of course not. Journalistic fairness out the window in yet another a valentine to Martinez.

Anonymous said...

Larry Barker is a joke. All he cares about is ratings. He did a lame story on NM State Fair growth in Accounts Receivable (maybe 150,000 over the prior year) which was completely insignificant but low hanging fruit a few years back. At the time , he was told to go take a look at other state agancies who had millions and millons of dollars in receivable growth due to the distasterous state conversion to the SHARE system. In fact, they have still never been able to account for somewhere around $75 to a $100 million. In short, Larry is a little tool who adds nothing to the journalism profession.

Anonymous said...

Larry Barker is so yesterday. That's why he has to go on KRQE explaining why he hasn't been reporting all of the garbage that's coming out that has been going on for years and decades. Then he sensationalizes the reports he does do with a lot of media hype, basically saying, "Hey guys, I finally got a report, I'm here, are you still listening?" It's time to retire and let the reporters and citizen journalists get the facts out. Where have you been for years! You blew it as history has revealed.

Anonymous said...

Larry's nowhere in sight here. Must be he's not really into educating the public.

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