Friday, May 22, 2015


Do you trust Governor Susana Martinez and Mayor Richard Berry to make a more successful effort at growing New Mexico's and Albuquerque's economy?  Again, today in the Washington Post, a story about all of the great economic growth in many south western states and cities.  We are not among them in any measure.  They only thing the local media can cover in the way of economic news are plans for more mini breweries opening and more mediocre call center jobs.  Hardly a way to affluence.

There was a story in the Journal this morning about a highly successful and now seeking retirement school teacher who got a poor ranking because of one of those new teacher evaluations.  I don't really trust those new teacher evaluations at all.  But there has been an effort made to measure performance at least.  How is it that we can not do this on the Governor's performance?

There is a group chartered by Albuquerque City Government called the 'Indicators Progress Commission' that every two years checks on our community progress in many key areas.  This latest report  shows abysmal performance on economic indicators.  (Download the PDF)  Read it and weep.  We need the same kind of report made on a statewide level on the Governor's performance.  Now go back ten  years to see how good things were in our community when measured during my term in office as Mayor.  I certainly don't merit all the credit, but back then we had more bipartisanship and a business community that was involved in working to grow opportunity here.  Now they just protect themselves.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't the reelection of Martinez essentially an effort to measure her performance? The Democratic party of NM failed big time in the last election. I agree that she stinks and hopefully Berry will be dead politically after this term as mayor. The Democratic party of NM has only itself to blame for our current lack of leadership. Richardson's cesspool of corruption dragged the dems down to the bottom. Hopefully, better days are ahead of us with either Balderas or Keller leading the pack. I also like Torrez the new guy running from Bernalillo County DA

Jim Baca said...

Elections have little to do with measuring performance but a lot to with propaganda and money

Bubba Muntzer said...

There’s a direct relationship between all the issues you bring up here — the teacher evaluations, the lack of progress under Martinez and Berry, the erosion on various fronts since your time as mayor. You’ve connected the dots in various ways before, but I think the teacher evaluations offer a very salient point from which to make the connections. The problem is my comment got to be rather long, so I copied it here:

In so doing I rewrote it a little to read as a stand alone piece if others come across it, but it’s in response to your blog post nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

U sucked as Mayor! U didn't do a thing to improve ABQ.

Anonymous said...

anonymous....Baca built the baseball stadium, brought revenue to the mass transit system, reinvested in the exisiting city instead of sprawl, had a police department to be proud of, instituted reading programs for kids falling behind, and expanded the Albuquerque Museum. You are obviously a GOP" hack.