Thursday, May 21, 2015


A new effort at putting together an index to rank all Congressmen and Senators on their bipartisanship is underway.  It is a good idea if it is done fairly.  I think that it might also be a good idea for some media watchdog group to do the same on newspapers and TV News operations.

I am pretty sure the Albuquerque Journal would rank near lowest in the nation for newspapers.  Fox News of course would hold down the anchor position.

Today the Albuquerque Journal ran a column from a republican legislator, Sarah Maestas Barnes,  who most likely had the piece written by the Governor's right wing mascots.  She essentially blames Senate legislative democrats for defense of child pornography.   This is a perfect example of how the Journal Publisher and Editor publish items that work at destroying bipartisanship.  And this legislator will have to go back into a chamber next time they meet and face these colleagues who all have children and might have some choice comments for her. 


Vicki said...

Did you see the paper "How Fox News Changed American Media and Political
Dynamics" by Bruce Bartlett (worked for Reagan, G.W.H. Bush, and Ron Paul) that documents how Fox News is hurting the Reublican Party through its "brainwasing" effects?

Anonymous said...

I truly think the Journal is in the same situation. It is impotent when it comes to influencing people. Even those that subscribe to it know half of what's in it is a lie. We'd be better off without it!