Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Ski Team Stuns!

The Albuquerque Police Department Ski Team's stunning (pun intended) receipt of a cash donation from the Taser folks is just one of the new revelations of the ongoing sweetheart contract between APD's former Chief Schultz and Taser.  The Ski Team!

First the State Auditor slams the multimillion dollar contract and now the city's own Auditor piles on.  Soon the city's Inspector General will do the same.

There is solid evidence that city officials purposely evaded proper and prudent financial procedures in the award of this contract.  And everyone goes unpunished  because they are cops?

The Mayor and CAO should immediately place on administrative leave anyone who, in Shultz's own words, "greased the deal."  And if they don't do so then finally we know this is a corrupt administration.  And if the city council doesn't raise hell then you know they are just hopeless bystanders. There is nothing they can do as a council on personnel issues, which is good, but they can certainly send a message at budget deliberations that gets the public's attention.

You can read the document here.


Anonymous said...

Kathy Levy, APD's and Schultz's attorney needs to be hauled before city council and then the disciplinary board immediately for aiding and abetting in this corrupt enterprise.

Anonymous said...

I don't think APD has a formal ski team. This was just a shell game so that APD Command could accept money from Taser. corruption.

I have looked everywhere and there is nothing mentioned about an APD Ski team. You would think if one really existed it would be on a website somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Good for Tim Keller - I'm so happy to see someone taking on corruption in NM.

Anonymous said...

I agree Jim but who is going to put the mayor and CAO on leave for their deraliction of duty us the taxpayer? NO ONE, because this will come as a complete Surpise to everyone, especially all on the council who will now run for mayor. Yes Ken and Dan I'm mean you. This happened while you ken, were asleep at the wheel. So tell us a year and a half later how you are going to fix it. Nothing will happen to anyone in charge cause they are figuring out right now who is going under the bus, some mid level employee will get the blame and Berry and Perry will ride into the sunset (with a pension) .

Anonymous said...

Tim Keller is showing the way. Seems convictions would be career making cases for an ambitious politician like Balderas. Keller's appearance at the council meeting was a transparent breath of fresh air too. Too bad the media forgot to mention he was in attendance. Step up someone; it's there for the taking and our state sure needs some sunshine so the corrupt criminal organization that is now called the City of Albuquerque can be reigned in.

Anonymous said...

I never understood why Mayor Berry kept Chief Schultz on his payroll. Chief Schultz was an appointee from the previous Mayor. Now the Mayor backpedals from any knowledge of 'nature at play', 'the deal is greased' and 'business as usual' quotes by his appointee.

The Mayor was supposedly in Brazil when the James Boyde shooting occurred and now at this audit report, he was supposedly in Mexico. When is he going to be out front and transparent as he promised the citizens of ABQ?

Anonymous said...

I will bet that former K9 officer Ken Ronzone will be under the next Rapid Ride hauling ass down Central Avenue. The rest will SKATE... Everyone involved needs to be held accountable no matter how far up the ladder it goes. Thanks Jim for having the findings on the site for us to JUDGE.