Sunday, June 21, 2015


When you think of State Land Commissioner Aubrey Dunn think of these pictures.  He has invited the trapping of wildlife back onto State Trust Land.  Traps are non specific and cruel and he and Governor Martinez are attempting to kill every four legged creature other than cows on New Mexico's lands through the Game and Fish Commission.  In effect it is another subsidy for the livestock industry.  I am hopeful this act of barbarianism will be met with mass national protestors flooding into Santa Fe.  Grazing cattle in the desert has always been stupid, but now it is also medieval.


Rae Sikora said...

Thank you for posting the truth. Grateful for your voice in the community.

Randy Barron said...

The ranchers and short-term economic interests are having a field day with Martinez and her buddies in power. Thanks for standing up and being heard on behalf of the voiceless wildlife (and innocent pets).