Tuesday, June 23, 2015


We continue to shell out big bucks to fix the Albuquerque Police Department.  Another $750K to pay a watchdog was approved by the City Council last night.  Add to that the costs of trials of officers for unnecessary killings and civil suit payouts and the city budget is taking hit, not to mention the money being spent by special prosecutors hired by District Attorney Brandenburg.  Those responsible for the poor leadership at APD are still in their jobs and the Mayor and CAO have done nothing.

That $2.5 million the State Fair received for capital improvements is really a farce.  It will be spread around several hundred acres of deteriorating infrastructure and grounds and will be virtually invisible.  It is too bad  the Governor, who has a Fair Commission that never meets, can't show some vision and make this Exposition into a model of modernity.  Build science exhibits and digital interactive educational venues for the young folks who might find it more interesting than watching animals poop and corndogs fry. (I love those.)

It was 109 degrees on my back porch yesterday.  Almost too hot for golf.


Anonymous said...

Why does Albuquerque spend money for a survey to determine why APD officers are fleeing from Richard Berry's mess, when after the survey is done and the finger is squarely pointed at Berry / Perry / Eden, they all say, NOT TRUE, It isn't our fault. And then they continue to do nothing to fix THEIR problem.

Why waste the money for three independent investigations into Taser and Ex Chief Schultz, when after all three allege criminal wrongdoing on the chief of police, Rob Perry gets up and says, No No No they got it wrong. Perry is the CAO of the city! Any other city would take the Inspector General report and make changes and fire some people, not Perry. Why? Is he in on the Taser scam? It sure looks that way. And Richard Berry? Where the F##K is he? What a worthless do nothing mayor!

So why even spend the taxpayer money on surveys and investigations if Berry and his merry (criminal) men are not going to do anything? And what about the City Council? Can't they, at the very least, go public and demand that charges be filed against Ray Schultz? That those APD and City Hall employees who are named as doing criminal acts in the Taser case be on admin leave pending discipline? Why is it that Berry / Eden / Perry always go after the low level officers but never NEVER do they hold any of their friends accountable? Please Dan Lewis, Klarissa Pena, Rey Garduno, Please hold a press conference and demand that Berry discipline (maybe even fire) those employees that three investigations have shown committed criminal acts!

Or stop wasting our time and money for surveys and investigations that no one follows up on.

Anonymous said...

It seems hopeless. APD isn't getting better. The top command is corrupt- and I use that word very carefully- and Perry and Berry are corrupt. DOJ oversight is a joke. Look at the things they have done since DOJ has been here. They tried to take over Brandenburg's office. Why do you need the DA's Office unless you are looking for cover to cover up crimes? And the Journal is part of the equation, supporting their corruption all the way. I never imagined a future so dim. It's time to move to another state, because it isn't going to improve for a long time. I am not sure they are even able to differentiate right from wrong at this point. It is a slippery slope and we are sliding into hell. Very sad, but true.