Saturday, June 06, 2015

Support Due

Mayor Berry is showing some vision, for the first time I think, in his push for a modern rapid transit bus system running up and down the length of Central Avenue, Old Route 66.  It will certainly help with infill and denser housing options, especially on the east and west ends of the City.  I would also suggest the same system be made operational along north 4th street as far as the Peoples Republic of Los Ranchos.  That is another corridor screaming for new dense development and housing.  This is the kind of development that makes the Santolina sprawl on the westside look pretty irresponsible.

We also should support, on another subject, the addition for testing for steroid use by Police Officers and other public safety employees.  It is no longer recognized as a harmless muscle builder but a substance that can make people overly violent.


Anonymous said...

Everyone that is employed by the City or County should be subject to steroid testing not just public safety employees. Have you seen some of the people working in Sanitation, Animal Welfare, Road Crews holy cow they are huge.

Anonymous said...

They mayor probably got a call from the governor's office ripping him a new one for not getting more cars on the streets.

You could move a lot of people by bus. I've seem pictures of downtowns that were more busses than cars, way more, almost no cars. Car traffic is the only thing that slows a bus down. If there weren't cars you could just use the streets like the railroad uses its right of way.

If someone came up with a better way to go shopping by bus that would be nice. That's kind of a pain with current busses but I'm sure it could be done. Think of the advanced countries where they use the roof of the bus to haul their goats and chickens.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? Berry has no vision and has never had an original thought in all the years he has been in office. The idea of a "modern rapid transport system" up and down Central had been around for at least 10 years, if not longer, taking various forms promoted by the city Municipal Affairs Department, including the now operational "Rapid Ride" system. It even took the form of dedicated lanes connecting the various "quality of life" amenities such as the Zoo, Museums, Biological park, ect. Remember the "trolly system" that Berry ridiculed when he ran against Chavez? It too was a take on a transport system up and down central to promote bus ridership. The modern transport system is a good idea, but please do not give Berry credit for it.

Anonymous said...

It is a more elegant and less costly solution. As for giving credit, you seem to be one of those absolutists that can never admit when even a poor leader has a good project. Grow up.

Anonymous said...

I admit Berry is a poor leader with a good project. Berry will no doubt ruin the project. To late to grow up given my senior citizen status and watching people like Berry destroy out community.