Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Think of corporate America and its US Chamber of Commerce who spend millions in suing foreign governments who try and educate people about the dangers of tobacco.  This is a different kind of terrorism that ends up killing many people.  The board and CEO of the Chamber should be brought to trial for murder.

Think of President Obama and his new policy of requiring overtime pay for those in the middle class who are forced to work extra hours.  Doing something good here for many Americans struggling with student loans and the effects of corrupt bankers.

It is easy to see who the decent and moral people are in this debate.


Anonymous said...

Please explain to me why Obama is pushing for a trade agreement the would give corporations the right to sue the United States in a court set up by the corporations that would remove his new push for overtime for U.S. employees, because it would lower the corporation's profits? The TPP would also make it possible for corporations to sue the states over the anti tobacco laws, because it lowers their profits. not only would these corporations win, because the decisions would be made by a special court the corporations set up. Why is Obama pushing a trade agreement the would take away the United States Congressional right to negotiate trade agreements and violates the U.S. Constitution? It appears that Obama is for the corporations and Wall Street push to govern the world. Both the Democrats and Republicans are owned by the corporations and Wall Street except for a few like Bernie Sanders.

Anonymous said...

Chamber of Horrors! That is one outfit Donald Trump would be eligible to be President of