Monday, June 15, 2015


The Albuquerque Journal ran an editorial cartoon attacking the New York Times.  I read both those newspapers everyday, and one can only surmise the Journal really doesn't want to be a newspaper anymore under the current editor, but rather a raging right wing propaganda mill.  A few days ago they had another editorial cartoon showing a blood soaked medical doctor supposedly upset about fewer abortions.  Damn!  A little dignity please.

The Albuquerque City Council is attempting to fill a leadership vacuum at City Hall by introducing a bill that would give them power to approve or fire the police chief.  As a former Mayor I would hate to see this done.  While Mayor Berry has shirked his duties in regards to APD, if you hand power over to nine City Councillors then there will never really be anyone accountable.  They will just point fingers at each other, much like our Congress does.  This would dilute leadership even more.  A bad move.

On a personal note, it appears I beat my prostate cancer.  After undergoing 45 days of radiation treatments at the beginning of this year, my first followup visit shows me pretty much cancer free.  Thanks to the medical professionals at New Mexico Cancer Center.  Just a note to all of you guys, right wingers and left wingers and moderates,  be very studious in picking the right time to treat this cancer.  Get lots of opinions and read up on the latest research.  I seemed to time it right five years after my first diagnosis.  


Anonymous said...

Very glad to hear about beating the cancer, Jim ... congratulations! BTW, how come you never commented on the controversy involving man who won/lost the MRGCD race from south of here .. the guy who had to do prison time because he shot at some jerks who were STEALING HIS STUFF!?

Anonymous said...

Great news concerning the cancer! I also had 43 treatments over five years ago now and continue to have low PSA scores. You are right be sure to look at the alternative treatments (or watch and wait).

Vicki said...

I am happy to hear your prognosis and good advice to the men out there.

Bubba Muntzer said...