Thursday, July 20, 2006

Stem Cell

Pete Domenici voted with the President on killing stem cell research. I have always had a hard time dealing with Pete on some stuff, especially environmental issues, but generally I have always mostly respected him. I have especially thought his work on behalf of the mentally ill has been important. However, his vote to place religion before science and to support this President has lost me completely.

I hope everyone who has loved ones who are suffering debilitating and fatal diseases will remember this one vote. It should not be a reason by itself to vote Pete out of office, but when you add it to his undying support for the administration's war and fiscal stands, we should think about his re-election bid in a critical light.

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Terra said...

My family certainly will not be forgetting it anytime soon. My littlest sister was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes (Type 1, insulin-dependent) two and a half years ago. In order to find a cure for diabetes rather than just creating more effective devices, researchers need to use stem cells in order to attempt to regrow the pancreas's insulin-producing cells. I wonder if Bush (or Domenici) gave any thought to the enormous number of American families who would benefit from the science they so carelessly stomped on in the name of religious principle. Too bad Bush isn't in a position where he needs the research personally--then he'd be singing a different tune.