Tuesday, July 18, 2006


During the Depression of the 1930's President Roosevelt put together the Rural Electrification Administration to bring power to the Nation's farmers and ranchers. It was a tremendous social program that made the country strong. Yes, it was the nation getting together on a welfare program for rural America. A program well worth it. Apparently, we are still handing out the money big time to farmers and ranchers around the country, but not for the same national purpose. Read this if you want to be astonished.

Another sad part of this is that these people picking up these payments usually are very conservative and ask their Representatives and Senators to vote against most other welfare and assistance programs.

My opponent Patrick Lyons received $20,000 from this fiasco. Click on this link to get to a map and then click on the counties to see who picked up money for their cows. Click here for farm giveaways. Some of the amounts are astonishing. I wish I had a chance to compare them to Patrick Lyons' donor base. Maybe someone out there would like to do it? Like an enterprising investigative reporter.

Don't assume that I think all subsidies are bad. Real natural disasters are legitimate reasons for relief to agriculture. Also, subsidies that enable water conservation, wildlife protection, watershed protection and riparian protection then it is probably good.

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