Saturday, February 17, 2007


Bobbi and I decided Thursday night to zoom up to see her sister and brother in law in Colorado Springs. They are Lutheran Ministers here. They are liberal ministers in the land of defrocked rightwing televangelists. Caryl and Wayne are a breath of fresh air up here.

I ran up to Denver to meet with good friends and business associates for coffee on Saturday a.m. I am convinced that the Colorado Highway Department will never, ever finish the I-25 construction through Colorado Springs. It truly is a horrific project that has been going on for the better part of two decades....I'm pretty sure. Maybe this way the all keep their jobs until retirement.

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Grand Negus said...

I drive thru there on a regular basis. And I agree with you. I pay close to $9.00 to bypass the mess in Denver on my way north. Some want to build a new toll road 25 to 40 miles east of I-25 from Cheyenne to south of Pueblo. Ask richardsaon to extend that toll road to El Paso. It will come in havdy 30 years from now.